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BT External 2 Wire IDC Jelly Connection Blocks
Product Code: 100188
External 2 wire IDC jelly connection blocks Jelly filled to keep moisture out Ideal for outside use Ideal for telephone connections, as used by BT Can be used …
Ex VAT: £1.90
Modem RJ11 Plug to IDC Adaptor
Product Code: 100238
Modem plug to IDC adaptor lead RJ11 plug on one end with IDC unit on the other Used to connect  a cable length to provide a connection to the telephone poin …
Ex VAT: £4.15
Quick Fit Ethernet Cat 5 / RJ45 Plug to Screw Connection Adaptor
Product Code: 101184
Ethernet plug to screw connector adaptor Ethernet Cat 5 / RJ45 plug on one side and screw terminals on the other Used in pairs and connected to a cable length to …
Ex VAT: £4.35
RJ45 / Cat 5e Crimp On Plug
Product Code: 100481
RJ45 / Cat 5e crimp on plug 8P8C contacts Crimping tool required Pack of 10 …
Ex VAT: £2.05