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40 mm LNB Adaptor for Mk4 Sky / Freesat Dish
Product Code: 101228
Sky & Freesat dish LNB adaptor Fits the latest Mk4 dish  For both zone 1 & 2 dishes Suitable for conventional LNBs with 40 mm neck …
Ex VAT: £4.52
F Plug Weather Boot
Product Code: 100266
F plug weather boot Ideal for satellite LNB connections Ideal for masthead amplifiers, splitters & filters Colour: Black Pack of 5 …
Ex VAT: £2.85
Flat F Socket To F Socket Window / Door Fly Lead Adaptor
Product Code: 100469
Flat F socket to F socket window / door fly lead adaptor Used for bringing aerial / satellite coax cable in to property via door or window frame without drilling a hol …
Ex VAT: £1.63
Mk4 Sky / Freesat Dish LNB Adaptor
Product Code: 100533
Sky & Freesat dish LNB adaptor  For the latest Mk4 dish Fits both the zone 1 & 2 dishes Suitable for 37 mm single, quad & octo LNB's …
Ex VAT: £116.35
Mk4 Sky / Freesat Dish Pole Mount Kit
Product Code: 100169
Sky dish pole mount Quality Triax brand Suitable for mk4 dish Fits zone 1 43cm dish Fits Freesat zone 1 43cm dish Suitable for up to 2" mast Fully …
Ex VAT: £2.20
Triax TD Flexiblock Multi LNB Holder
Product Code: 100247
TD flexiblock multi LNB holder Fits Triax TD range of satellite dishes Mount up to 4 LNBs with standard 40 mm neck Receive from 4 adjacent satellites using a single …
Ex VAT: £14.05